3 Series Aluminum Disc

3 Series Aluminum Disc

Alu alloy: 3003

Thickness: 0.5 - 5mm

Diameter: 100 - 1500mm

Temper: O、H

Type: DC&CC

Product Details

3 Series Aluminum Disc Description:

3 series aluminum alloy is also known as aluminum manganese alloy, widely used as antirust aluminium alloy series. The strength of the 3 series aluminum alloy is high pure aluminum alloy. After cold work and annealing process, it has good plasticity, corrosion resistance and welding performance. It can be used in many industries, such as building decoration industry, electronic industry, automobile manufacturing and so on. We are aluminum products supplier and manufacturer, and have our advanced production lines and mature marketing system. We mainly concentrate on aluminum sheet/plate, aluminum circle/disc and aluminum coil, with the main brand 3003, 3004 , 3005, 3104 , 3005 , 3105 for your reference.

Aluminum circle is a product obtained by deep processing of aluminum plate. With good electrical conductivity, plasticity, corrosion resistance, it has excellent mechanical processing property, whose tensile and spinning performance is superior to other metals. We can offer refine aluminum circles with thicknesses between 0.5mm-5mm and diameter ranging between 100mm-1500mm. It is widely applied to many fields like cookware, lamps, traffic signs, etc.

3003 aluminum circle is a kind of antirust aluminum, belongs to medium strength, wide use, wide application field. With strong plasticity, easy to form and excellent processing performance advantages. It mainly used in electronics, cosmetics, medicine, culture and education and auto parts.

3004 aluminum circle has low anisotropy which is idea for deep drawing, strong mechanical performance and uniform heat conductivity. It is widely used in pots, pizza trays, pit pans, cake pans, covers, kettles, basins, fryers, light reflectors ect.

3005 aluminum circle has good electrical conductivity, plasticity, corrosion resistance, it is widely applied to all kinds of cookware, lamps, traffic signs, Led shell, fryers, light reflectors, etc.

3105 aluminum circle has good rust resistance, good electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor cutting performance. It mainly applies for the room partition, aluminum base material for color coating, lamp cap material, shutter, bottle cap, bottle stopper.

Aluminum Disc

3 Series Aluminum Disc Parameter:










Cold rolled(CC)/Hot rolled(DC)

Production Capacity :

We have two advanced automatic offset CNC punching machines and one disc-shearing machine. Monthly capacity is 1000MT.

Dimensions Available :

200~700mm OD and 0.8~5mm thickness.


3 Series Aluminum Disc Workshop:

3 Series Aluminum Disc Workshop


3 Series Aluminum Disc Delivery:

3 Series Aluminum Disc Delivery


3 Series Aluminum Disc Application:

3 Series Aluminum Disc Application

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