3 Series Aluminium Sheet

3 Series Aluminium Sheet

Alu alloy: 3003/3004/3005/3104/3105

Thickness: 0.5-4mm       4.0-200mm

Width: 500-2200mm

Length: 500-9000mm

Product Details

3 Series Aluminium Sheet Introduction

3 series aluminum alloy is also known as aluminum manganese alloy, widely used as antirust aluminium alloy series. The strength of the 3 series aluminum alloy is high pure aluminum alloy. After cold work and annealing process, it has good plasticity, corrosion resistance and welding performance. It can be used in many industries, such as building decoration industry, electronic industry, automobile manufacturing and so on. We are aluminum products supplier and manufacturer, and have our advanced production lines and mature marketing system. We mainly concentrate on aluminum sheet/plate, aluminum circle/disc and aluminum coil, with the main brand 3003, 3004 , 3005, 3104 , 3005 , 3105 for your reference.

3 series aluminum sheet is also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, manganese as the main alloying element. Its content is between 1.0-1.5%, the strength is higher than 1 series aluminum plate, with good molding, fusion and corrosion resistance. We provide high quality aluminum sheets with thicknesses between 0.5-4mm and 4.0-200mm, width 500-2200mm, length ranging between 500-9000mm. It is mainly applied for building decoration, electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing other industries with high requirements for corrosion and rust prevention.

3003 aluminum plate is convenient for processing, good rust prevention, and made of all kinds of decorative curtain wall panels, as well as indoor aluminum ceiling ceiling clasp, light and durable, and better life than steel.

3004 aluminum plate is higher than 3003 in alloy strength with better forming performance. It can be used as the tank of all-aluminum cans, and the device for producing and storing liquid in chemical industry.

3005 aluminum plate is used as more high-end color coated aluminum coil, in the building materials industry production, roof partition, active board room. It can also make air conditioning, refrigerators and other heat sink, internal parts.

3104 aluminum sheet has high strength and easy to process. For example, TV manufacturing industry will often make 3104-O state plate TV LCD back, stamping convex, add electronic components, forming oxidation can form a dense oxidation film. It has the advantage of corrosion resistance oxidation and good insulation.

3 Series Aluminum Sheet

3 Series Aluminium Sheet Main Parameter:




O/H111 H112








Mill Finish


Cold rolled(CC)/Hot rolled(DC)

3 Series Aluminium Sheet Main Applications:

Mainly used for signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise building and factory wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamps, fan blades, electronic parts, chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning hollow parts, Welding parts, heat ex-changers, clock faces and discs, plates, kitchen utensils, decorations, reflective devices, etc.

3 Series Aluminum Sheet

3 Series Aluminium Sheet Main Features:

1) High corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good plasticity and low density;

2) Low strength, but good ductility, formability and weldability;

3) If the 1100 aluminum sheets is anodized, its corrosion resistance and surface can be great.

3 Series Aluminium Sheet


Aluminum Sheet Prices

As a major aluminum alloy supplier in China, our prices are more competitive. Usually we quote according to the grade (material), temper (or your application), size and order quantity of the aluminum sheet. The minimum order quantity of aluminum plate is about 2-3 tons. In addition, we also provide a real-time quotation service for free.

3 Series Aluminium Sheet



Material quality:

completely free of defects such as white rust, oil spots, rolling marks, edge damage, radian, dents, holes, broken lines, scratches, etc., no coil set.

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