5 Series Aluminum Disc

5 Series Aluminum Disc

Alu alloy: 5052

Thickness: 0.5 - 5mm

Diameter: 100 - 1500mm

Temper: O、H

Type: DC&CC

Product Details

5 Series Description:

5000 series aluminum alloy, also known as Al-Mg alloy, is mixed with magnesium. Characterized by low density, high tensile strength, high elongation and excellent corrosion resistance, it’s weldable and applied to a wide variety of purposes including pressure vessels, automotive, buildings, etc., especially suitable for marine environment.

Its common types include 5005, 5052, 5083, 5754, etc.

Aluminum Disc

5 Series Aluminum Disc Parameter:










Cold rolled(CC)/Hot rolled(DC)

Production Capacity :

We have two advanced automatic offset CNC punching machines and one disc-shearing machine. Monthly capacity is 1000MT.

Dimensions Available :

200~700mm OD and 0.8~5mm thickness.


5 Series Aluminum Disc Workshop:

5 Series Aluminum Disc Workshop


5 Series Aluminum Disc Delivery:

5 Series Aluminum Disc Delivery


5 Series Aluminum Disc Application:

5005: Storage tanks, chemical equipment, food processing equipment, roofing & siding materials, etc.

5052: Pressure vessels, treadplate, marine components, chemical equipment, road & name signs, etc.

5754: Ship building, food processing equipment, treadplate, vehicle bodies, fish industry equipment, welded chemical & nuclear structures, etc.

5083: Rail cars, pressure vessels, vehicle bodies, ship building, mine cages & skips, tipper truck bodies, etc.

Supply Forms: 5005/5052/5754/5083 circle

5 Series Aluminum Disc Application

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