8 Series Aluminium Sheet

8 Series Aluminium Sheet

Alu alloy: 8011

Thickness: 0.5-4mm       4.0-200mm

Width: 500-2200mm

Length: 500-9000mm

Product Details

8 Series Aluminium Sheet Introduction

The 8000 series includes 8011, 8090, 8091 and 8093. Lithium has a significantly lower density than aluminum because its solubility is also relatively high, and it can significantly reduce the density in a sufficient amount of aluminum alloys (usually about 10%, less than other aluminum alloys). Not only causes the alloy to increase its stiffness, but also responds to age hardening. In addition, the resistance to fatigue crack growth increases at intermediate pressure levels. This attractive combination of properties has led to great interest, especially for aerospace applications. These alloys have a high volume fraction of coherent, ordered LiAl 3 precipitation, which is responsible for these properties. Silicon strength: For example, the 8011 alloy is based on Al-Fe-Si, but more than 1% of the total alloying elements give a correspondingly higher advantage.

The 8000 series are alloyed with a variety of other elements such as iron and lithium. Generally, they are created for very specific purposes within specialist industries such as aerospace and engineering. They offer similar properties to the 1000 series but with higher strength and formability.


Belongs to aluminium-lithium alloy, the main component is lithium, cause lithium is the lightest metal in nature, after adding lithium element to aluminum plate, it can guarantee the strength of aluminum plate while effectively reducing the proportion of aluminum plate.

8 Series Aluminium Sheet

8 Series Aluminium Sheet Main Parameter:




O/H111 H112








Mill Finish


Cold rolled(CC)/Hot rolled(DC)

8 Series Aluminium Sheet Main Features:

1) High corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good plasticity and low density;

2) Low strength, but good ductility, formability and weldability;

3) If the 1100 aluminum sheets is anodized, its corrosion resistance and surface can be great.

8 Series Aluminum Sheet Workshop


8 Series Aluminium Sheet Delivery:

8 Series Aluminum Sheet Workshop

8 Series Aluminium Sheet Applications:

Mainly used for signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise building and factory wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamps, fan blades, electronic parts, chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning hollow parts, Welding parts, heat ex-changers, clock faces and discs, plates, kitchen utensils, decorations, reflective devices, etc.

8 Series Aluminum Sheet Application

Aluminum Sheet Prices

As a major aluminum alloy supplier in China, our prices are more competitive. Usually we quote according to the grade (material), temper (or your application), size and order quantity of the aluminum sheet. The minimum order quantity of aluminum plate is about 2-3 tons. In addition, we also provide a real-time quotation service for free.


Material quality:

completely free of defects such as white rust, oil spots, rolling marks, edge damage, radian, dents, holes, broken lines, scratches, etc., no coil set.

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